How to pay online

With our online Payment methods, you can pay for sms and get instant credit anytime, anywhere, anyhow.

Step 1

Click on "Buy SMS"

Step 2

Type amount of sms unit and proceed

Step 3

Select Interswitch as payment option

Step 4

Enter your email address and continue

Step 5

Step 6

Validate your card and make the payment

How to get Delivery Reports

Delivery Report is the feedback you get on all bulk sms you sent on This feature will enable you to know the status of your sent sms either Delivered to the recipients, Pending, Undelivered, Rejected etc. This is another reason to use our reliable website for your sms needs. You don't just send sms and assume that the recipients have gotten the messages even when they don't get it. That will be a great disappointment most especially when you are passing an urgent and important messages to them. The delievery report takes about 15 minutes to be reflected on the website.

Step 1

Click on Message History

Step 2

Click on Delivery Report Icon

Step 3

Find your delivery reports under the message

How Bulk SMS Works

A brief guide on what bulk sms paro can do for you. A simple user guide bulksms by Bulk SMS Paro Team...

How to use Quick SMS:

This is the simplest Bulk SMS feature on smsparo platform. To send a quick Bulk SMS simply by computing and sending SMS with up to 500,000 recipients. Start by...

  • Choose Sender Name for your SMS: Enter an alphanumeric sender (max 11 characters). You can a default senderID under Personal Settings
  • Schedule SMS:here you can choose to schedule the sms to be sent at your specified day and time. By ticking the check box the schedule feature is activated for you to setup date and time. Note that the time is in 24 hour time format and not 12 hour format. Also note that you can choose time by city/country.
  • SMS Recipients:here you type in the recipients phone numbers. Enter or paste the recipient numbers using either local or International Number format (e.g. 2348157665321 or 08060678106 for Nigeria or 23360678106 for Ghana. Follow the same format for your country). Separate each recipient with a comma, semicolon, full stop, enter key. If the right format is not used the message will deliver error report.
  • Message (SMS):here you type in your message. Note the message count. It shows you how many characters and pages you have typed. A page of text message is 160 characters. smsparo bills you for each SMS page. So multiple pages will be billed page by page.
  • SEND:when you have done all this click on send.

How to Use Blast SMS:

The blast SMS is similar to quick SMS excerpt for just one feature. So, for all the feature explained in quick SMS you will find in blast excerpt for this...

  • Number list:here is like your mini phone number list, where you can save your phone list and can use it over and over again. You Upload your number list in Excel or CSV format. Please make sure the numbers are in the first column of the Excel or CSV file. Upload file with your number list; if you only want to save the file at this time, you can use the link provided for saving. If you want to save the file, you must enter description. You can also download the link to know the format for the numbers.

How to Use Professional SMS:

This is one of the features that stands smsparo out from the rest. Our professional features help you do some of those things you can do with other SMS features. It helps you personalize, customized bulk messages to each recipients even though you are sending them the same message but with different pre-inputted details. The professional SMS has 6 different steps that gives you the outstanding messaging you require.

  • Step one:you upload the file you want to send. Here they file can be in excel or csv. You can upload any customer detail excel file, but you must be sure the phone numbers are in SMS sending format. To be sure that this is how your number is formatted, you will see a download the format link. Click on it and you will see how to format your numbers.
  • Step two:if you have uploaded excel or csv file and delimiter was not recognized, please enter in manually. If you want to use values from your a first record as headers for customization, check the first row as header checkbox. Click apply to preview how the first 10 first records will be parsed. Click next to continue.
  • Sep three: create message - this is where all the customizations are done. So, you need to be careful not to omit anything important. However, I advice that you always do a quick preview before you proceed from here. You can type in your message first or copy and paste before adding customization to it. From the insert to message you can select fields you want to insert into your message, place the cursor where you want the field inserted in the message and click on insert to message. Select another filed and do the process again and again until you have added all the fields you want in the customization. Now, most importantly, go to recipient data and select the filed that represents your phone numbers. You can also schedule the message to be delivered at your defined date and time. And you can change the sender name to your desired name. When all this is done preview first before you continue to the next step. To move to the next step click on next.
  • Step four:this is only a preview page to confirm that the destination numbers are selected, sender name right, message right and message count right. You will also see total records and if there be duplicates it will be identified and removed. If everything is fine to you then click next to move on or back to return to devious page or cancel to terminate the entire process.
  • Step five:here is another preview for billing. It shows you how you are going to be billed. The total amount it would bill you and the total message it would send. Click next to move on to the next and final page.
  • Step six:here is the final step and once this is complete your message will be sent out instantly or set for delivery if you scheduled it to be delivered later. Here you can choose to give your upload a name so you can monitor its delivery. This is optional as leaving out the name does not stop the delivery. Once you make your choice click on process upload and we are done.


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